The Great Kat

Nicki Tedesco

Sheyna Gee

The Iron Maidens

Donna D of The Babes



Gabriel Ayala

Nicole Starr

Angela Siracusa

Miss Tress

Val Halla

Alex Grossi

Dahniel Knight

Moeraes Fate

Jasmine Cain

David Kline Jr.

Abby Gennet


Laura V

Rudy Parris


Ronny North

Sammy Serious

Bruce Bouillet

Acey Slade

Nicole Couch

Rob Wylde

Rob Lane

Fred DiSanto

Courtney Cox

Robert Marcello


Desi Rexx & S.S. Priest

Tony Fredianelli

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David Kline Jr. is a Guitarist with a passion for writing music with many emotions and twists. A former Glam Rock/Goth artist, David took a turn and started writing instrumental music hoping to someday land some soundtrack work. David’s second Recording “Instrumental Dreams” was the first time he allowed others to listen to what he had been brewing up. Now, David is working on new music as well as putting together a solid rock band. In January of 2008 David completed his own Signature Guitar. Also is directly responsible for making the long awaited Signature Guitar for his hero, former Guitar teacher and friend Jason Becker. David Currently endorses: Dean Markley Strings and accessories, Ultra Sound Acoustic Amps, Stringtreat, The Guitar Wheel, The Light Pick, Shred Neck, Pickworld Picks, and Guitar Star Wear.